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Translation Services

Our business support services enable clients to take advantage of opportunities quickly and effectively while developing their international operations. We offer translation services tailored to individual needs and efficient document production.

For success in international business, a company needs more than simply having its documents put into another language. That's why IBT stresses international communication and information. We provide translation services, backed by a wealth of experience, to create documents that will be persuasive in the global marketplace.

■Services Provided


Annual reports, quarterly reports, summary reports of financial results, notices of shareholder meetings, marketable securities reports, prospectuses


Investment reports, stock market reports, security analysts’ reports, presentation materials, newspaper and magazine articles (securities, macroeconomics, bonds, derivatives, funds, investment strategies, mergers and acquisitions, etc.)


Laws and regulations, contracts, articles of incorporation, work rules


Company guides, product guides, internal documents, press releases, newspaper articles, planning documents, pamphlets, presentation materials, training manuals


Survey reports, presentation materials (nuclear power, natural gas, petroleum, ethanol, etc.)


Hadware and software manuals, white papers


Japanese, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese


English to Japanese: 30 yen per word
Japanese to English: 20 yen per character

*Please inquire about pricing for other languages. 

■Contact us

→  Request a free quote for translation services

→  Request a free quote for interpretation services

e-mail  support@ibt-net.co.jp


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