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Drawing on the extensive business networks IBT has developed since our founding, we are able to prepare expert reports on policy and industrial trends. Working with local partners, we are steadily increasing the range of fields and regions in which we are able to meet your need for rich and timely information.

■Research fields

Resources, energy, ICT, manufacturing, environment, local economies, urban infrastructure development, etc.

■Research regions

Russia, Central Asia, India, Vietnam, China, Korea, U.S.A., Europe, Brazil, Japan


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and other Japanese government agencies, NPOs, private sector corporations

■Strengths of IBT reports

  • Timely local information provided via global partner network
  • Prompt handling of foreign-language materials in cooperation with in-house translation division
  • Reports incorporating strategy and other proposals prepared in cooperation with in-house consulting division

■Recent reports

◆Atomic energy

・Nuclear fuel cycle strategies in Russia, India, and China
・Global nuclear fuel cycle supply chains
・Russia’s nuclear fuel cycle


◆Resources, energy, environment

Directions of China’s overseas resource investments
・Urban development projects in newly developing markets undertaken by Singapore
・Alcohol product imports for industrial applications
Measures taken overseas to counter global warming, by industry type

Analysis of natural gas-related activity in Kazakhstan

・Corporate developments in major ethanol-exporting countries



・Smart grids outside Japan

・U.S. trends in thinking about the dependability of cloud computing

・Data processing standardization trends in Europe

・U.S. automaker trends in strategic electronics

・MVNO market entry in China

・ Steel industry trends in Brazil, Mexico, and other parts of Central and South America
・The Russian steel industry and its managerial strategies
・Current status and future potential of China’s steel industry
・Raw materials procurement by China’s paper industry
・Steel industry trends in India

◆Industrial technology
Plant engineering trends in Russia and Kazakhstan
・Chinese companies’ industrial technology strategies
・Cross-border industrial technology exchanges in Europe

◆Economies and economic cooperation
Report on latent needs of countries that may be involved in future EPA negotiations
・Economic partnership trends among raw material exporting and importing countries
Improvements in goods transport efficiency in Northeast Asia and Eurasia, with a focus on China
Economic tie-ups with foreign partners in China’s IT market

◆M&A and finance
Government regulations affecting M&A in the U.S. market
Legal systems and realities affecting M&A in the U.S.A. and U.K.
Case studies of M&A activities involving Chinese and overseas partners
U.S. laws governing hostile takeovers


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