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IBT has a long history of providing strategic consultation services to organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Consulting for the public sector

We offer a wide variety of consulting services for the public sector. Our support for incubation programs includes assistance with creating incubators, training incubator managers, developing on-campus incubation programs and finding ways to commercialize technologies and ideas from universities and research centers. This includes technology transfers and planning for model start-up companies. Moreover, by forging strategic alliances between major corporations and IT startups, IBT is able to offer support for IT launches and IT businesses. Our strategic consulting services for the public sector also includes the evaluation of government operations and assistance to increase efficiency, e-government ventures and new regional revitalization efforts based on adopting an e-city structure with the most advanced IT equipment. At IBT, we strive to develop the most efficient models in the healthcare industry to improve hospital management through the use of IT. Finally, we offer strong support for the emergence of purely high-tech venture companies.

Phase 1

Research and Analysis

IBT utilizes the resources of the world's research centers and think tanks to provide and examine appropriate models from throughout the world. In order to analyze situations and build strategic scenarios that will help ventures survive and thrive, we also conduct strategic council meetings with representatives from national government institutions, local governments, major corporations and mid-range IT venture companies which have moved into their growth stage in response to market needs.

Phase 2

Devising Strategic Policies

At IBT, we set up working groups composed of council members and experts in key fields. While working to achieve a balance between the interests of the corporations involved, we serve as a neutral catalyst to support achieving strategic and marketing objectives.

Phase 3

Implementing Strategies

IBT adds customized services to meet unique needs. Our approach is comprehensive, with consultation and advice concerning everything from specific project components to total project management.

Consulting for the private sector

Our core competence is delivering strategic support for our customers' international business development. We provide consultation and support services to keep growth strategies on track through strategic tie-ups between larger corporations and venture businesses as well as promoting international partnerships.

With implementation carried out under the close supervision of IBT's expert resources (many located throughout the world, including a strong representation on both the east and west coasts of the United States), we 1) conduct research and analysis and discern market opportunities, 2) draw up strategic policies for success and 3) support the achievement of strategic and marketing objectives.

Phase 1


  • Market research (global trends, market scale, competition, price levels, supply-and-demand balance, legal environment, intellectual property rights)
  • Company positioning (vision, setting objectives, product positioning in the market, technical strengths, competitive advantages)
  • Initial strategic scenario for success
Phase 2

Devising Strategic Policies

  • Locating partners (distributors, agents, representatives, licensees, joint venture partners, international partnerships)
  • Drawing up a strategic plan (writing a business plan, visiting prospective customers and partners, developing marketing strategies and strategic alliances)
Phase 3

Implementing Strategies

  • Support for securing strategic funding (support for carrying out due diligence, acquiring venture capital funds)
  • Incubation services for overseas market entry
  • Optimizing local sites and locations
  • Liaison and monitoring services, support for building a management team and for legal and tax issues.
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