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e-Healthcare Consulting

IBT offers support for the introduction of information technology in the fields of health and long-term care with the goal of improving business processes. Our efforts are aimed at addressing the soaring medical costs and worsening financial situations faced by medical institutions. By providing support for more efficient operations and by providing total healthcare solutions through system building, we support hospitals' and long-term care facilities' efforts to improve their situations by controlling costs and eliminating deficits.

Streamlining the Management Process

IBT provides system development as well as consulting to improve hospital management through advanced IT implementations. We offer consultation on introducing evidence-based medicine (EBM), total quality management (TQM) and activity based costing (ABC), achieving ISO certification, the use of electronic patient records, comprehensive digitalization of medical information, regional medical networks (through linkages with clinics and hospitals) and developing medical data centers.

Step 1

Study and analyze hospital management

Step 2

Introduction of improvements in managerial planning (ISO, TQM, EBM); secure ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification.

Step 3

Consultation on introducing systems to support improvements in hospital management.

Consultation on developing health-care information systems

At IBT, we offer consultation on developing total health care information systems, for which the platforms are the Basic Shared Long-Term Care System (revised in fiscal 1998) and the Hospital Management Support System (revised in fiscal 1999).

Step 1

Consultation on introducing a total health care system

Step 2

Introduction of the Basic Shared Long-term Care System

Step 3

Shared purchasing of care and assistive products

As Japan readies the infrastructure needed for its increasingly aged population, it needs a unified data platform that both government and the private sector can utilize. It is our goal to implement a long-term care platform by which all care-providing institutions in a region can share information and utilize it effectively. That efficiency gain will help vitalize social welfare activities in each region.

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